Sculptures inspired by Point Pelee

The Point Pelee residency needed to inspire at least one new artwork for all six artists. I came home with multiple pieces of tree bark rubbing fabric to create a sewn sculpture! I designed patterns for Nature and Denature tree giants. I think I was subconsciously influenced by Watch out for the Giant Killers by […]

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Creative Pen Pal Adventure

Since starting my office manager job at the end of last June, I’ve been struggling with a regular studio routine (it doesn’t help that all shows are being postponed indefinitely or changed to an online structure). I saw a call to participate in a creative pen pal exchange hosted by Be Whimsi Art Loft and […]

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Code to knit 100 flowers in C

My next piece of work for Knitting in code is a flower pattern written in the structure of computer language C. Well, the code is written so the pattern repeats 100 times to knit 100 flowers. I think most knitters would be able to follow this pattern, despite it being written in computer code. It’s […]

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Knit house of cards

I’m excited to have finished the first piece for my Knitting in code body of work, the Knit house of cards. The piece explores how knitting can add stability into different aspects of life, using the language of suits. I used 4 exclusive categories to represent “life”: knitting, happiness, stress, and panic. For the last […]

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Making friends in isolation

Now into the third week of isolation in the COVID pandemic, I’m so grateful to have an in-home studio, and have been taking advantage of time at home to work on my Knitting in code body of work. My only limiting factor is how long it takes to knit the pieces! This has resulted in […]

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Knitting in code

Now that the Jardinage urbain window exhibition is installed (in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic), I’m developing a body of work calledĀ Knitting in code, which will hopefully get picked up as an exhibition in the near future. Knitting in code will explore how the architecture of knitting can hijack or appropriate other systems of language, […]

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Five finished ecosystem snowglobes, now formally The Landscape Cloches, at last

A concentrated effort over one week, combined with the use of my mom’s sewing machine over the long weekend, was finally enough to finish the remaining four ecosystems, now officially named The Landscape Cloches. While it’s still about 3 weeks before the window installation, documentation was needed for the mini-publication that’s being developed, and I […]

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