The Chameleon Kiss

Six years ago, I was inspired by my chameleon’s colours. Chameleons don’t actually change colour to match their background, especially as pets, but the colour is mostly controlled by how they “feel”. Dark when angry, sad, cold, and bright when happy, basking, or high in the air (none of these are actually mutually exclusive). Chameleon Kiss was inspired, and the stretchers prepared.

I didn’t start the paintings for another year, until I had moved to a new (single) apartment between my undergrad and Master’s. A year ago, I made the first one a bit darker, and painted over the third one for a new start. It was never quite right. And then, as they have through 2 moves and 2 more pets, they sat quietly stacked in a corner.

I need to finish this series. It’s been in the pile of dead projects too long. And I could use the space in my studio.

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