A day full of art, and entry to RMG exposed

Yay for long weekends at home! I officially have 4 pieces on the go, 2 will feature new but tested techniques from the King painting, and 2 are venturing into uncharted new technique category. I’ll post pictures when they get more interesting; right now everything is in the priming/testing phase. If I could only figure out why the cat is obsessed with sitting inside stretcher frames on the floor…. must be a 2-D box fascination.

I also just finished painting the sides of the Chameleon kiss. No picking away at that job!

Every year, my home town gallery hosts an open photo contest, RMG exposed. This is the first time I’ve entered in about 4 years, but I love this photo so. It’s the morning light on the lake that gives the island such a surreal quality, and it only stayed that way for less than 8 minutes. It’s a Group of Seven painting come to life.

Tom Thompson living painting, McIntosh Lake Kewy Janisse
Tom Thompson living painting, McIntosh Lake. 2016. Digital photograph.

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