Personified thesis — the monster takes shape

As the manuscript nears completion (nearing the four year mark for this process…) I’m sewing my thesis into something more sculptural than a book. It’s not done yet, but it’s most of the way there.

Each of the arms represents a co-author — the fabric and size were carefully chosen and considered. Stuffed with feathers (I did, after all, study pheasants, and WOW what a mess) and gravel, it looks like a nice stuffy, but weighs over 10 lbs. The keys are an obvious acknowledgment to the necessity of a computer for data collection, analysis, writing, etc., but, if you look carefully, there’s a nod to some “R” syntax. The bottom piece of fabric, which you can’t see without picking up the sculpture, is chickens. There’s a few other details that are my own personal syntax.

The husband’s thoughts: “you made it too creepy”. You bet. My thesis and I have a complicated relationship, for better and worse.


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