Slow but steady crawl to finishing the flower painting

I can’t seem to find much time for painting these days, so the flower painting was in a very uninspiring, awkward transition stage for a few weeks. I really didn’t like the yellow vase, so I painted it what turned out to be a not much better pale pink. Now at last it’s a nice rose gold, and I am a fan of the texture. There’s only a little more painting left to the painting — they’ll be lots of oil pastel details soon and finishing with the fabric flowers sewn on. Hopefully we’re beyond the awkward hump now to keep my momentum going!

Here’s some of the progress pictures. Things really changed with the background of tiny flowers in ink.

flower progression.jpg
The progression of the flower painting, and varying vase colours. There’s an idea of where the fabric flowers will be sewn on at the end in the first panel. 


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