Finishing the sewn painting collage of flowers

The flower painting is finally finished. It’s a perfect example of mixed media, including watercolour, ink, acrylic, oil pastel, oil stick, charcoal, wax pencil, fabric, found objects, and, of course, thread. I’m going to classify it as “sewn painting collage”, and I’ve called it Danish Wedding Flowers.

The “Danish” part comes from my year there as an exchange student. It was there I met the friend that embroidered the flowers (the whole reason for the piece), bought a bag of fabric that included the wool blue daisies, and was given the lime green flower broach. It was there I discovered my favourite art gallery in the world, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, and saw the unforgettable Blomster som Bil, or, The Flower as Image. Spending a year in Denmark continues to influence my life.

I hand made all my wedding flowers out of fabric. I had just defended my Master’s thesis 2 months earlier. That summer was a time of happiness, anxiety, frustration, and accomplishment. That turmoil stress is what darkened the piece. The wedding that lasts the day isn’t what provides lasting inspiration, (although it is nice to see my bouquet at my bedside every day), it’s having a partner-in-crime by my side for the last 12 years. There’s lots of secret allegories in the painting that only mean something to me — they mark the passage of time and events since I was on exchange in Denmark, but you might still be able to pick out the homage to my mom, or the birds I used to work with, and fish I work with now.

Danish wedding flowers

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