Hockey-themed Artist Trading Cards

To celebrate Artcite Inc.’s The Temple of the Glorious exhibition by Arthur Desmarteaux, I hosted a hockey-themed ATC trade on February 2nd. I’m a fan of Artist Trading Cards because of their size — I’m always running a time deficit, but I always seem able to manage making time for a miniature art project.

These prints are unique in that they’re not printed in exactly the same colour. I started the bed of ink with black and red pigment, but as I printed only added red ink. As a result, the higher the number of prints, the redder the colouration, which is intended to mimic the colouration of blood as it dries.

Although I’m a fan of hockey, it does have a brutality associated with it — between fighting and other game-legal physical altercations, to the unfortunate tossing of live animals onto the ice for “luck”. The image in Dried Blood isn’t meant to glamourize or celebrate these aspects, but rather elicit wariness of the brutality of hockey.


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