Carving a wood block

In more ambitious times, I made a number of wood blocks for paintings (you can see my first wood block painting here). After being invited by a fellow Artcite Board member to submit to Leamington Arts Center INCUBATION: Flock fest, I had a fully developed idea by the time I drove home (this could be due to my extensive experience in the ornithological world, or from depriving my artistic side too long, and now it’s in a state of borderline uncontrolled hyper-creativity).

I’ve now finished carving the nest-like “canvas” for the piece, that will eventually be called Empty clutch (create -> hatch). This was really fun to create while I experimented (and watched a number of YouTube videos) with how to carve a concave shape into a board. I eventually settled into my trusted flat wood chisels (another gift from my dad years ago), and our Ridgid multi-tool. I will admit, destroying something with a power tool is quite satisfying.

After this, the plan is to drill holes and use fabric-covered dowels to create binary code.

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