sculpting with wine corks

Who doesn’t have at least one bowl full of wine corks? It seems so wasteful just to throw them away, so I keep all my wine corks (and bring them home from other places opportunistically). I’ve been developing a sculptural idea for something to do with them for over a year. The problem is, the shape is just so obvious, when you work with them whole, I can only seem to get something craft-craftsy (not always bad, but not my intention). I’m not sure where the idea of triangles came from, but one night long ago I spent an evening slicing up corks into triangles.

After that, I took one of my unstretched (without canvas) painting frames and twisted chicken wire all around it. The problem – my tiny triangle cork pieces were too small to stably attach to the form. So I paper machéd it. Well, fabric machéd, and I used diluted clear gesso instead of white glue, which worked out spectacularly.

Now I have a solid form to start gluing my triangles to, except I think I’ll be slicing up many more corks (but I can always collect more).

Beyond that, I have multiple ideas of what I could do, so I’m hoping once the whole thing is cork-covered, my path will be a little more clear.


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