The conundrum with prototypes

I’ve made a lot of prototypes, usually one per project. It helps design the piece and figure out the proper shapes and materials. But, being somewhat of a hoarder (or alternatively, reluctant to discard things), I have a few prototypes lying around.

Like this one. It was a predator prototype for a scientific experiment — the final version was a combination of an orca and seal (looking at anti-predator behaviour in hatchery-reared fish). I’d never really done a mouth with lips and teeth, and need to fit that into a head, so I made a miniature one to figure out what shapes I needed to use, where to put the darts, and in what order to sew the pieces together.

I found it again in a bag on a shelf awhile ago, and brought it back home to sit in my closet for some time more, until I was digging through my fabrics for a bear rug blanket.


And then, I got an idea.

The hardest part was the back of the head, which was left completely unfinished and never meant to be closed. But stuffed, it looked remarkably like a dense friend.


Somehow the unicorn horn came to me. But I couldn’t figure out the ear shape.

Turned out, it needed pectoral fins.

I’ve got some crazy “hair” fabric from my Light as a Feather nanostructures to cover up all the weird stitching from the gaping neck, and after that, it’s all experimental.


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