Ecosystem snowglobe

Having signed up for another window at one ten park, it’s time to flex my more artistic muscles. The theme of the window is green space in urban areas. I have 5 images from google earth that are significant to me (my childhood home, my current home, my husband’s home, downtown Windsor, and my favourite lake in Algonquin Park) that will be translated into “ecosystem snowglobes”. I chose these five ecosystems based on the difference in proportions of forest, fields, buildings, and concrete.

It’s been quite a process the last couple of days getting the structures and shapes to look like how I envisioned them, including multiple paper and chicken wire domes developing the pattern to sew the clear vinyl cover.

The confetti bits are punched out of stiffened fabric, and the tree is free motion embroidered, after several bad wire versions. The single tree will soon be joined by a few/several embroidered windmills that will tower over that lonely tree and hit the top of the globe. Nymphadora and I learned how to sew cording (technically, cotton yarn) to create the more three-dimensional grid that will cover the base inside the globe.

All the pieces will be mounted to a stone base, but to make it easier to work with, it’s another block of wood spray painted to look like stone!

We’ll see what feedback my collaborators have at our meeting next week, and then the remaining 4 ecosystems will get underway now I have the methods worked out!

DSC_0386 reduced



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