Rotary exchange jackets

My sister and I were both Rotarian exchange students when we were in high school. All exchange students have a blazer jacket (all Canadian students have red jackets), and you bring a ton of pins with you to trade with other exchange students (I guess Disneyworld does something similar?). By the end of your exchange your jacket is covered with pins from all over the world, and it’s a great momento to hang in your closet.

I was helping said sister clean out her room at my parent’s house recently, and she asked me what I had done with my jacket after we had unearthed several bags of loose pins. I had cut-up and re-sewn my jacket into a flat piece of fabric, then stretched it like a painting and re-attached all the pins. Now it hangs on my wall and I get to see it all the time, and it’s incredibly cool when guests come over.

And, as part of her Christmas present, I’ve done the same for my sister! She had collected a lot more knick-knacks during her travelled (why why why did she have 10 Eiffel Tower keychains?) so it took the better part of a day sewing on pieces and then attaching all the pins. I think she’ll be really happy with it!

Step 1: De-pin everything, plus the pockets.

Step 2: Do up the buttons and pin the arms to the body. Then flip and cut out the back.

Step 3: Use the fabric from the back of the jacket to fill out a rectangle that can be stretched over the canvas stretcher.

Step 4: Stretch! Much easier with an air staple gun that can hook up to a compressor.

Step 5: Re-attach/sew on pins.

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