A finished painting and back to sewing

A broken sewing machine and postponed studio visit made for a disappointing week. However, in the grips of insomnia (having an increasing amount of it of late), I designed a whole painting, and was able to execute the whole thing in just over a week (I found the perfect canvas already stretched and primed in the closet, meant for some other long-forgotten project).

Meant to accompany the ecosystem them, and finding green space among man-made materials like brick, there are three insects that add a pop of unexpected colour to your space. I don’t have a lot of interesting critters around where I live (in a newer subdivision with not a lot of mature plants and trees, next to a highway), but I have started seeing all these insects in the last couple of years. It’s always an unexpected thrill. The milkweed lattice lends support. In the painting, I’ve pinned all three insects — they’re not alive, but preserved or collected. I think there’s a chance that without active greening of our urban spaces, but planting trees and plants like milkweed, these species could disappear from city and suburban environments.

I’m still working on a title, but “painting” is a loose descriptor for this piece. It’s a mix of multiple media: watercolour, acrylic, oil pastel, conte, ink, graphite, charcoal, and pastel.

I have my sewing machine back, and am planning for a large block of stitching time while the snow and freezing rain sets in over the next couple of days, which should be enough finish off the last 4 ecosystems.


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