Knitting in code

Now that the Jardinage urbain window exhibition is installed (in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic), I’m developing a body of work called Knitting in code, which will hopefully get picked up as an exhibition in the near future.

Knitting in code will explore how the architecture of knitting can hijack or appropriate other systems of language, syntax, or code to create unusual or unfamiliar forms. The first two pieces that started the whole concept off are part of a Conversations with my cat series, the first one, knitted in plastic squares, I can’t help it I like to eat plastic, and the second, knitted in yarn squares, But I will only eat yarn if it is a small piece. The text is depicted in binary code, zeros and ones, which are mirrored in knitting binary language of knits and purls. At eight squares per character, and 38 and 48 characters in each phrase, I have wondered if I’ve lost my mind.

My cat really does eat plastic, like an addict. The idea of knitting with waste/reclaimed materials, especially plastic (yarn + plastic = plarn)  which does not degrade or decompose, is something I’m excited to explore more as Knitting in code develops.


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