Making friends in isolation

Now into the third week of isolation in the COVID pandemic, I’m so grateful to have an in-home studio, and have been taking advantage of time at home to work on my Knitting in code body of work. My only limiting factor is how long it takes to knit the pieces! This has resulted in an increased number of “works in progress” (including the 2 binary code pieces, 20/52 cards for the “knit house of cards”, lettering for the “code to knit 100 flowers”, knit DNA, and DNA charts). These human forms were originally going to be knit with yarn and wire, depicting conflict, using morse code for yes and no. I still want to knit them with wire, but I’m not in the right mindset for a piece about conflict. Now, I think it looks like they’re dancing, and I’m pondering a play on words or using a different code altogether. Looking forward to having a wall full of friends for the foreseeable future at least!

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