Knit house of cards

I’m excited to have finished the first piece for my Knitting in code body of work, the Knit house of cards. The piece explores how knitting can add stability into different aspects of life, using the language of suits. I used 4 exclusive categories to represent “life”: knitting, happiness, stress, and panic. For the last 3 categories, I identified 13 words, many which have multiple meanings in different contexts, that are root causes or contributors to happiness, stress, and panic, which I then made into tags for the cards. The knitting itself gives the cards a sturdier, bulkier structure compared to a traditional playing card, adding to the structural stability of the “house”.

It was fun to build the house yesterday, and it did tumble down multiple times. It was a performative act, and could be built in unlimited arrangements.

52 cards is a lot of knitting, but I set a goal to knit 10 cards per week, and the last 20 cards went really quickly with the end in sight!


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