Code to knit 100 flowers in C

My next piece of work for Knitting in code is a flower pattern written in the structure of computer language C. Well, the code is written so the pattern repeats 100 times to knit 100 flowers. I think most knitters would be able to follow this pattern, despite it being written in computer code. It’s familiar yet different.

Once installed, I imaging holding a knitting circle workshop where participants knit a flower as we go through the code, and eventually, there will be 100 flowers sewn around the border of the piece.

Each letter is made up of 1-2 tiny two stitch i-cords in lace yarn, then sewn on to the denim. Why denim? I needed a long piece of fabric to accommodate the 47 lines of code, but pandemic lockdown made that tricky. I am a hoarder of old jeans though. If I sewed strips together, it would also make the lines I needed to keep the code straight and uniform. I tried painting/staining the denim different colours, but in the end the plain colour and texture reminded me of a low-res blue computer screen.

I’m really happy with the way this piece has turned out. The methods I ended up using to execute the code were slow-going, but time holds much less value in quarantine. I can’t believe I’m in the final 10 rows at last.

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